Some people

see them as friends, others see them as brother and sister, but for me, they are everything they could be.

Welcome, wanderer. You have reached Raison d'Etre, an online dedication to the relationship between Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee from Hoshino Katsura's best-selling manga series, D.Gray-man.

Amassment's October 2010 Site of the MonthDespite being a fairly new shrine (as it was first published in the beginning of January 2010), I have decided to do a major revamp on this site. Not only is there a new layout, but also a whole re-organization of the contents and some new articles. The purpose of this change is to make my shrine a little bit more personal. I try to break down Allen and Lenalee's relationship by the kinds of relationship they might develop. Yes, because there are a lot of chances.

Before you walk in further, I'd like to remind you; this shrine has lots of unmarked spoilers up to the mot recent chapter. Also, the way I organized the content is not in the order of events. With that being kept in mind, please enjoy your stay! :)

July 14th, 2010
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