People don't usually share a dream, or the continuation of one's dream. This is D.Gray-man, not FlashForward. So how could it happen?

When Allen was stuck in the Asia Branch to heal his wounds and retrieve his destroyed Innocence, he had a dream where he was in a surreal world. He saw what Lenalee had in her nightmare, beneath the water. What Lenalee told Allen might have affected him, making him have something like a continuation of Lenalee's nightmare. If that was that, then maybe it was simply a coincidence—an extra rare one. However, it turned out that this dream had something to do with the 14th. Don't you think it's too much to be a coincidence? I believe that this dream is a link that bonds Allen and Lenalee.

What I'm thinking is... Simply put, the dream most likely has something to do with Allen and his double life as both exorcist and a Noah. While he's been living as an exorcist as far as the story goes, lately his "other" side takes control of his body even for just a few moments. This occassionally happens after he stabbed himself with his own Innocence. I'm not sure if the others noticed it when it happened for the first time (since an Akuma was in front of him, so the others might not have seen it), but Lenalee and Timcanpi has noticed the change after Allen returned from the mission. Now let's do some review of the dream, slowly.

First off, let's take a look at Lenalee's dream. She was sitting on top of ruins, all alone. "Ruins I recognize," she thought. I'm quite sure the ruins refer to Black Order. Just take a look at the picture of the Black Order when Allen first arrived, and compare it to the ruins in her dream. They have similarities.

All right... Have you ever wondered why did it have to be Lenalee that dreamt of this, in the first place? Why not just Allen himself, or maybe other people like Kanda, Miranda, or Lavi? I think Lenalee's feelings regarding her comrades is the easiest to see in D.Gray-man (aside from Allen, who's found the Order to be his new home / family). Clearly she considers them as her World, and then she dreamt of that World ending, and she was all alone on top of its ruins. It is a frightening image, and I doubt anyone else could feel the desperation as much as she did if they were to take her place in the dream.

Now, Allen. We could easily tell that it was Allen, because of his left arm. Why did his body have to pop out of the water's surface in the dream? One reason I know for sure: to tell the readers—or simply Lenalee—that something was going to happen to him. Duh. Also, this made Lenalee the first one to notice the fragility of Allen's Innocence. Later, the nightmare turned into reality: Allen had his Innocence demolished by Tyki Mikk, and he was no longer able to fight with his comrades since he lost his power.

In chapter 69, there was a flashback of Lenalee talking to Allen. She was really worried when she couldn't find Allen. When she found him and he tried to step back, Lenalee grabbed him and begged him: "Do not go further into darkness...!" Lenalee then cried and told him about her dream.

Of course, what Lenalee meant by "darkness" here is that she was afraid Allen would disappear someday. However, by looking at the recent turn of events, this phrase is probably leading to something else—that is Allen's dark side, as the 14th Noah.

This case will be clearer once we take a look at Allen's version of the dream, in chapter 59. At first, he thought that he had died and was sent to the afterworld. He then noticed that "The moon on the sky is white... but the one reflected on the water's surface is black." This is the opposite of Lenalee's dream. Well, we didn't see a moon reflection on the water, but the one in the sky of her dream was black. It is a sign that they belong to the same dream, despite being in a different position. Black and white can also be interpreted as two contrary polars, which strongly symbolized Allen being an exorcist (white) and a Noah (black).

Allen decided to take a closer look to the water and saw Lenalee's reflection. She was crying alone on top of ruins, with presumably Allen's unconscious body lying on her. Allen thought that he had to come to her, but then someone from the water grabbed his hand and told him that he couldn't go. The dream ended by the water freezing over and Allen saw a silhouette beneath him.

The identity of the silhouette is then revealed on later chapters, around chapter 131 (very far from the time Allen had the dream, which was in chapter 59). The man appeared to be the Fourteenth Noah.

Seeing how far the span between Allen's dream and the whole talk about 14th is, I am assuming that the meaning of the dream doesn't stop there. These are some possibilities I thought up. Do not take them seriously as they are just my own prediction, all right?

1. destruction

Allen's dark side takes over him and brings destruction to the world. This is something I really am not sure. The 14th helped the Order when the Ark was disappearing, and Road said that "The 14th tried to kill Duke Millenium", so he should be on the good side along with the Black Order. However, judging from Allen's cold-hearted gaze when the 14th awakens... that might not be true, either. There was even a moment the Earl recalled the 14th saying "No need to rush. I'll be your ally." But the Earl himself hates 14th, so this is really... doubtful. I'm really confused which side Allen (and the Noah inside him) belong. Maybe this is why this series is called D.Gray-man.... or not.

Allen's body was there unconscious, because the 14th has already taken over him, so Allen is no longer his old self. If, later on Lenalee were to become Allen's most important person, then this dream really does make sense. He could kill anyone, but her. If it's not happening... well, then it means that she was there, alone in the dream, just because... she had to be the witness.

As for the winning side? In the dream, there was nobody but Allen and Lenalee. What happened to the others? The Black Order is probably wiped out, since there were nothing but ruins in there. There didn't seem to be any other bodies other than Allen's on the water, which made this thought even more reasonable. However, there wasn't any sign of Noah's presence either. If they were the winner of this battle, then they might be standing up in victory. But for the 14th alone to massacre both the Noahs and the Order? Well... Honestly, I can't imagine it.

2. allen's death

Because his body was there and his Innocence was destroyed. As in a real death, unlike when he got his instable Innocence destroyed by Tyki. I find this to be more logic than the first possibility, actually, but I don't want to think that way and I think I can't say anything any further. This will actually kill all the theories I've mentioned above, concerning all those ruins and fourteenth whatsoever... Thus, this section ends here. :)

3. lenalee's death

Or, the opposite of number 2. Seeing it from a different perspective... Lenalee might be there because she died. Who knows the 14th actually killed her, of all people. And who knows if Lenalee really is the accomodator of the Heart, which caused every other Innocence begone once hers was demolished.

Well, I guess that's what I need to say for now. I'll update once other possibilities suddenly came to my mind. Remember, this section is not to be taken way too seriously. Thank you for understanding. :)