Red lights.

There's this uneasy feeling that Allen/Lenalee might not happen at all. Not because of an overprotective sister-con brother. What agitates me is the possibility that Hoshino pairing up Allen with a certain girl, none other than Road Camelot.

Yes, it is Road—that sadistic Noah girl who stabbed Allen's eye and literally pinned him to a corner (and pinned Miranda to her clock, as well). Road has mentioned several times that she liked Allen. She likes to cling to him when they meet, too. She has even kissed Allen on the lips once (this really happened in the manga, but I still don't wan't tobelieve it), caused him a huge shock (Lavi saw it and he was shocked as well). However, we didn't get to see Lenalee's reaction on this kiss—Hoshino didn't draw it, so who knows.

Other than the clingy manga scenes, Hoshino also drew some illustrations of Allen and Road together... Well, not only the two of them, though. One picture showing Road about to give Allen a chocolate (while Allen looked confused and blushed), one has Road linking her arms to Allen's and Tyki's on the cover of the newest tankoubon, volume 19. The other one is a black and white picture of Road clinging to Allen with the Earl on the background. BUT. NO WORRIES, FOLKS. We have Hoshino draw pictures of Allen and Lenalee together, too! So keep your hopes up!! :D

Despite the mentioned possibilities of Allen and Road, there is also a chance that it is not happening. Road said that she liked Allen, but really? How much does she like him? She might have liked Allen in the same level of her family—she was enraged when Allen erased Tyki's Noah. She held Tyki in her arms and said, "You know, even if I like Allen... I love my family, too." Then she took out her anger on Allen, Lenalee, and Chaoji by using Lavi. I think her sadistic persona comes back when she gets annoyed about her Noah family. Well, Allen is the vessel for the 14th's soul afterall, so maybe Road was somewhat drawn into her other brother inside Allen? That might be the case, too.

Now, what about Allen? Does he feel anything towards Road? I don't think so. In the Rewinding Town arc, he came to hate Road so much due to the fact that she was a human who killed humans and even coldheartedly ordered her minion (akuma) to self-destruct. She even laughed at Allen's reaction who wanted to exorcise the Akuma before it exploded. Allen wanted to kill her so much, but he was still in a dilemma since the one he was about to kill was a human like himself. Regarding the surprise kiss, it threw Allen into the state of shock, but he didn't seem to be blushing or thinking about it that much—unlike someone who just had a first kiss. Maybe he was too shocked to complain. Although the 14th's soul hid inside his body, Allen didn't seem to bear special feelings to the Noah (who were his brothers & sister) either. There's even a chance that the 14th would end up killing all the family members.

That said, if we look at Allen's reaction and feelings, maybe we don't need to worry so much since Road's feelings could be one-sided. :)