Sweetest Goodbye.

Allen made a decision that ‘independence’ would be the best for him and the Order. His departure would make him a Traitor to the Black Order, but he held on to his belief.

This happened sometime after Allen was imprisoned—Link paid him a visit and delivered a bowl of porridge that Jerry made, then all of a sudden the situation got complicated when a strange enemy appeared, called “Apocryphos”. Link released Timcanpy from his binds and told the golem to take Allen away from that place. The explosion it caused had alarmed the Order about Noah’s presence within the Headquarters, and that Allen escaped with them. For that reason, The Order was determined to identify Allen as a Noah.

Lenalee immediately sought for Allen. She didn’t believe what the Order said, she had faith in Allen that he would never run away nor betray them. Meanwhile, Allen had already decided that he would no longer ask for help from anyone—the Organization, or Noah. Lenalee arrived on the scene just when he was ready to take his leave by using the Ark.

Allen looked surprised when he saw Lenalee. The girl was still trying to catch her breath—we could tell how hard she had been trying to find Allen. We could feel that her presence there wasn’t merely following orders from the Organization, it was more personal—she wanted to make sure that Allen was okay and that he would never betray them.

Lenalee: “Where are you going? You’ll get in trouble, using the Gate like that...”
Allen: “Yeah... I know.”
Lenalee: “... Why...?! If you leave, we will have to fight each other!
Allen: “I know.” (laughs) “Don’t worry, you can kick me as hard as you want.”
Lenalee: “This isn’t something you can joke around about...!”
(Chapter 205 “My Home”)

To me, it seems that Lenalee had been trying to suppress her feelings and thoughts, but when Allen only smiled at her—knowing what consequences they both might face—she snapped. Allen, on the other hand, tried to comfort her by being his usual self—making a joke about their future condition. Lenalee yelled at him, but much to her (and our) surprise, Allen suddenly embraced her.

“No matter what happens, I will always be an exorcist. Even though the paths we follow are different... that will never, ever change.”
(Allen Walker, Chapter 205 “My Home”)

With that, Lenalee broke down to tears and fell on her knees.

Lenalee wasn’t shown to hug Allen back, which was very understandable considering the huge shock she had to handle. Before he let finally left, Allen touched Lenalee’s face (most likely stroked his chin or cheek—it wasn’t quite visible) and told her that he loved the Order and everyone there, and that they meant the “true home” to him.

When I saw these moments, aside from fangirling on the surface, I felt pain in my heart. I wonder how Lenalee felt. At first, more than a hundred chapters back, she had to part with Allen because he wanted to help Suman, but then she and their team had to leave without Allen because his Innocence was destroyed. She was really broken back then; she blamed herself for leaving Allen. Well, after sometime, they finally reunited. And now, this? She’s losing Allen again. This time, he left on his own will. To make things worse, they would become enemies, Allen would be called as the Traitor for real, and there was nothing she could do to change his mind. All these things must have hit her really hard. (Unfortunately, maybe the Order would blame Lenalee for not being able to stop him, too.)

The moment Lenalee saw him off probably marks the change of their status, from comrades to enemies.

What will happen next? Will Allen remain being himself, or will he completely lose it and become Nea?

From here on, once again, is my own prediction, and if you’d like to know, or share your thoughts, be my guest. Let’s take a look at the reason why Allen left this time. I think it was Tyki’s words that motivated him to do so: “You simply sow chaos and conflicts wherever you go.” Which means that, while he wanted to fight along with other exorcists at the Order, his presence might as well attract more people with bad intentions—whoever it might be, akuma, the Thirds, Noah, Apocryphos... and maybe even more. And there would be more victims as long as he stayed. He’s protecting the Order in his own way, and it might help him to move more freely—he can go anywhere he want to collect information regarding his master, Mana, and Nea.

Had Allen stayed, he might have been thrown into the prison again. So definitely, it was for the best—at least that’s what he thought. However, in my opinion, there are things Allen cannot do by himself. His friends kept him sane. Friends also give him strength to fight. Not to mention that Lenalee had stopped Allen’s process of becoming a Noah, several times. Kanda stopped it too, once, back when Allen stabbed himself with his own Crowned Clown. It is possible that Allen would completely become Nea when he’s alone like this. I’m almost certain that Allen would come back to the Order in the end—dead or alive, but what matters is how he’ll get into that. He’d probably kill someone from the Order just like Cross said, although I don’t want that to happen. :( I wonder if Lenalee could stop him when that happens, too.

Well, regardless of being alone or with the Order, I’m pretty sure it would happen anyway, because it seems to be a necessary plot device... and drama. Honestly? I’m pretty sure all of us have thought of wanting to see a real Noah!Allen at least once. ;)