They were just trying to find a way out of the Ark, but he was connected to the Ark deeper than he thought.

The 14th Noah was said to be the “wing” of the Ark, which means that the Ark remained the way it was after his death. Musician is a term referring to the 14th, most likely used because he played a piano to use his special ability. This piano was the heart of the Ark, the one that controlled it. It was well-hidden in the 14th’s secret room—which even the Earl didn’t know of.

General Cross Marian, however, knew about this. He joined Allen and the others inside the Ark, and beat Tyki Mikk. When the Ark was collapsing, Lavi and Chaoji fell down, leaving both Lenalee and Allen hopeless of seeing them alive. The Earl then appeared, and Allen tried to attack him before he left again. Cross stopped him because he said that he needed Allen for a mission. Cross then sent Allen and Timcanpy to a room that Allen had never seen before. That was the 14th’s secret room.

Chapter 131

It was cute seeing Allen worried about Lenalee being left alone with his master—that womanizer—but Lenalee told him not to worry about her. Allen then looked into the mirror and saw a figure that resembled that man he saw in his dream. That mysterious figure said that Allen and his Timcanpy had the power of the musician. Cross, through a wireless earphone, told Allen to play the piano. Timcanpy then showed a musical score for him to play.

Allen had never played a piano before, but he recognized that musical score—it was the score he and Mana made up when he was little. He touched the piano, and his hands moved on its own.

As he played the song, he thought of what he would do when he comes back to the headquarters—Komui's question while Allen was on his way to reunite with the team. He thought of his comrades—his precious family, Thus, he wished for the Ark to not disappear. The Ark then began to restore itself. The vanished and collapsed buildings went back to normal, and everyone left behind came back to live.

When Allen met Lenalee and Cross again, he was relieved that the girl was all okay. Lenalee was impressed by the fact that Allen played the piano, but she seemed to notice that something was not right, as well. In the end, Allen saved everyone and they came back to the headquarters using the Ark, but he got into a serious trouble later. He was put under heavy suspicion of having some connections to the Noah, because of his ability to move the Ark. He was under a 24/7 surveillance afterwards, with Inspector Howard Link monitoring his activities.

secrets unveiled

Allen soon learned the fact from Cross: The 14th tried to kill the Earl, but the former failed and got killed by the latter infstead. He had a brother who was with him up to the second he died—no other than Mana Walker, Allen's foster parent. The 14th asked Cross to watch over Mana, and someday he would return to Mana's side. It seemed that when Mana met Allen, he implanted Allen with the memory of the 14th. That was the explanation to why he could read the piano score in the Ark back then. Allen was decided to be the "container" for the 14th's soul for the latter's revival—he was trying to use Allen to kill the Millenium Earl.

Cross: "The implanted memory will erode away at the host little by little... and eventually, you'll turn into the 14th yourself... If I told you that when you turn into the 14th, you'll have to kill someone important for you... What would you do?"

What Cross said was very worrisome. Allen tried to assure him that he would never turn into the 14th no matter what happened, but deep inside, he was still worried.