To trust.

In the ship, Lenalee was in grief. She didn’t say anything or talk to anyone—even Miranda who just arrived, and refused to eat.

She blamed herself, regretting how she left Allen’s side back when they found Suman. She probably thought that it was she who made Allen lost his Innocence—and now he would no longer be an exorcist. Could she be more guilty for ruining someone’s life?

Lavi yelled at her, telling her to get over it because there was nothing they could have done. Lenalee shed a tear when she heard him. Bookman then tried to calm her down. He told Lenalee.

“I don’t think the boy prophesized to be the Destroyer of Time can be dead. I thought that the word “Time” may refer to a certain man. “Time”... millenium... Allen Walker might be the one fated to defeat the Millenium Earl. If that is the case, then he cannot die here.”

After a few days, Lenalee had calmed down. She took a bath and then asked Anita if she had a hair-tie she could borrow. Anita lent Lenalee her mementos of her mother, and did the hairdo for Lenalee. While dressing up, they had a chat. Lenalee then asked Anita: “Do you believe that General Cross is still alive?"

There was silence, and then Anita answered, “Yes, I do. Because that is my only source of strength right now.”

This moment might look unsignificant, but i don’t think so. It looked like Lenalee need some support or empathy. She was missing someone, who might make it alive or not—or alive, but not the same person since he lost his Innocence. Anita was pretty much in the same boat with her—she missed General Cross, but nobody knew whether he was alive or not. Maybe when she asked Anita about that, she was trying to find someone who can help her believe what she wanted to believe.

Afterwards, she decided to believe that Allen was still alive, and that he would come back and reunite with the team soon. With that determination kept in mind, Lenalee left the ship to confront Eshi, the level 3-akuma who was attacking their ship.

Lenalee had to invocate her Innocence to maximum as well, just like what Allen did. While doing so, she thought of Allen—his pain, and his courage. She thought of her definiton of the world, and decided to give her all to protect her comrades. She must have thought that she would die, but no, she survived—her Innocence protected her by forming crystals all around her body. Unfortunately, her hair and clothes (not all of them though) was burnt due to the friction with air.