Allen Walker.

White hair, pentacle on his face, and deformed left arm: even from the first glance, you can tell that he is no ordinary boy—or man.

Name: Allen Walker
Nationality: English
Age: approximately 15 years old
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Birthday: unknown
Bloodtype: unknown

Allen has probably gotten used to people giving him a strange gaze. Despite his strikingly uncommon appearance, Allen is actually a really nice boy who gets along well with anyone, even if it is someone he just meets. He’s polite and charming like that, and nobody would have thought that the reason beyond all those strange physical appearance was something unexpectably sorrowful. Plus, who would have guessed that this boy used to have sour face like Kanda?

Born with an extraordinary left hand, Allen was abandoned by his biological parents. No one really talked to him. He had no friends, and even people bullied him because of his anomaly. He met Mana Walker, a traveling performer, in a circus. The man decided to adopt and raise him. Mana was the one who "gave" Allen a birthday, on December 25th. He taught Allen various tricks and had him work as a pierrot to earn a living.

Allen, who was truly alone and abandoned, developed a really strong bond with Mana. Considering his sour past, Mana was pretty much the only one being nice to him, and the one he could talk to. It seems that his dark personality changed after Mana entered his life. He really loved Mana as though he were his real father. When the man deceased, he was deeply sad. The thought of seeing his father comes back to live caused him to not think twice when The Millenium Earl offered him to make an akuma out of the poor man’s identity. When Mana’s spirit was embedded into the body of Akuma, he was in a rage to know that Allen had turned him into an akuma. Therefore he cursed his beloved foster child, leaving a scar on Allen’s left eye (with an addition of a pentacle sign on his forehead) and turned his hair white. At the same time, Allen’s deformed left hand, which happens to be an anti-akuma weapon, activated for the first time and destroyed the akuma. Since then, Allen has been able to see the souls trapped in akuma’s body.

Allen was then being under the care of a General from the Black Order, Cross Marian. He decided to be an exorcist. Unlike many others who fight Akumas to protect the world, Allen's motive is the closest to saving the akuma itself. It was like a repentance of his past mistake—turning Mana into an akuma.

Allen's Innocence has changed form a few times, perhaps because it was pretty unstable at first. He is prophecized with the title Destroyer of Time. Bookman predicts that the "Time" refers to the Earl of Millennium, which is very likely since Allen is the main protagonist of this story, afterall. :P However, Allen's identity is rather complicated since he was both an exorcist and the host for the 14th Noah family member, who had deceased. We'll talk about this later as we go further in the Enemies section. :)