Lenalee Lee.

Silky black hair and damn fine legs: with her both inner and outer beauty, Lenalee is the type of girl who would make any girls jealous.

Name: Lenalee Lee
Nationality: Chinese
Age: 16
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Birthday: February 20
Bloodtype: B

Lenalee can be seen as a modest girl considering she doesn't brag about her lovely appearance or her status of being the only sister of the Black Order's Head Officer. She respects the people in the Order, and they respect her. Her presence between the gloomy members of the Order is indeed a stress reliever from the compiling works, because she really cares about everyone in the organization—which she considers family.

Lenalee is smart, but sometimes she's naive and reckless. Sometimes you might see her as a yandere as she can punch or slap Allen or Lavi without doubt, but I don't think that's the case. Lenalee doesn't act all cute all the time. She doesn't even speak in formal way, but she's not harsh either. Lenalee is a girl who likes being herself, and she lets out her emotion as she feels it.

Looking at the state she is in now, you will have no idea that many times she had tried to commit suicide in the past. Lenalee's and Komui's parents were killed by Akuma. Since they became orphans, Komui had been the one who looked after Lenalee, and of course, he’s really precious to her. But later on, they had to be separated because Lenalee was found to be a Conformer. She was unwillingly taken into the Order, and she couldn’t go outside. She couldn’t bear with the prison-like situation in the Black Order—she just wanted to go back home and have a peaceful life with his brother, but she couldn’t escape. She then tried to commit suicide. This left the Order no choice but to tie her up to prevent her from doing such things again.

But then, three years passed and Komui finally came to the rescue. He entered the organization and even became the Science Section's head officer for the sake of Lenalee, his only sibling. Ever since that time, the Order has been a new "home" for the two. Lenalee's condition improved and she decided to be an Exorcist for her brother as well as the members of the Order.

It appears that Dark Boots, Lenalee's Innocence which appears in the shape of a pair of two black shoes, have been some kind of a burden to her. She wears it everytime and wearing those shoes hurt her legs because they're heavy. However, when the Dark Boots are invoked, the Innocence increases speed and strength on her legs. Therefore, like butterfly, she can move and fly around freely with those shoes.

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