Some people see them as friends, others see them as brother and sister, but for me, they are everything they could be.

Welcome, dear wanderer! You have reached Raison d'Etre, an online tribute to the relationship between Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee from Hoshino Katsura's best-selling manga series, D.Gray-man. Recently, I have been approved by TAFL to run the fanlisting for the relationship between these two, so here's a new layout to celebrate! I'm so excited! :D

Before you walk in further, I'd like to remind you; this shrine has lots of UNMARKED SPOILERS up to the chapter 200+. Also, the way I organized the content is not in the order of events. Here, I break down the pages based of the types of Allen and Lenalee’s relationship instead of the more common chronogical shrine setup.

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Navigation can be found on top of this text, divided into 2 sections: the "Ship" section which is the main part of the shrine. The second section is the more regular menu you'd expect from a fansite, but I hope they don't bore you, because you'll find some handcrafted Allen/Lenalee goodies made with love in the Media page!