For those who aren't familiar with this series, or maybe forgetting things, here I provided you a cheat sheet of the uncommon terms which are constantly used in the series, as well as this shrine.



A manga authorized by Hoshino Katsura, originally serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump. The general idea of the series is actually quite classy: good versus evil, saving the world, and so on. It tells about the battle between the Noah Family led by The Millenium Earl, and the Black Order (Kuro no Kyoudan). In his mission to bring destruction to the world, the Millenium Earl creates an army that consists of Akuma – weapons created from souls and body of humans with tragedy and despair. The Order tries to protect the World with the help of Exorcists, gifted with the ability to use weapons called Innocence.

Our protagonist Allen Walker was born with Innocence on his left arm. After turning his beloved foster parent, Mana Walker, into an akuma, his Innocence activated for the first time and exorcised the akuma. Allen was then found by Cross Marian, a General from the Black Order. He told Allen about Innocence, the Earl, exorcists and so on. Afterwards, Allen was convinced to be an exorcist. He went to the Black Order's headquarters as told by his master. And the journey begins.


An Accommodator refers to a person who can, or has the potential to, synchronise with Innocence. In other words, they have the ability to become an Exorcist but may not necessarily be one.


Weapons created from souls and body of humans with tragedy and despair. Often, it disguises itself in the form of human being, making it hard to detect. Allen's cursed left eye, however, can see through its disguise thus it is able to detect the presence of an akuma.

An akuma is born with these ingredients: “machine”, soul, and despair. The “machine” is created by the Millenium Earl. The soul is a dead person's soul which is called by someone who shares a special bond to the deceased, and wishes for his/her revival from the death. The desperation of the soul becomes the source of energy that drives the akuma to evolve.

An akuma can evolve to a higher level. The highest level of an akuma, as far as the story goes, is level 4, which was first born by accident during an invasion to the Black Order's headquarters.

Anti-Akuma weapons

Objects constructed by the Black Order scientists to contain Innocence and come in a variety of form, shape and sizes. Even though an Accomodator is supposed to be able to synchronise with his or her Innocence, it is difficult for them to control the Innocence effective enough to be used as a weapon, that is, what is called Innocence invocation (or activation). Anti-Akuma weapons are constructed from Innocence to assist the Exorcist in invoking their Innocence.


Black clergymen who are said to be “apostles” of God, chosen because they have the ability to synchronise with Innocence. Since Innocence is the only power that can destroy the Earl of Millenium’s army of AKUMA, the Exorcists are the only ones who can fight the Earl’s weapons and defeat him. In other words, Exorcists are Conformers who have been trained by the Black Order to improve their synchronicity and ablility to invoke their Innocence in anti-AKUMA weapons.

the Heart

Said to be the core of all Innocence. It is where all Innocence originated, and where it will all return. Once the Heart is destroyed, then every other Innocence will be destroyed, as well. Both the Order and the Earl are searching for it. Nobody knows what the nature of the “Heart” is, how it looks like, where it might be located. It could have been found or still missing.


A divine substance created in ages past to combat the Earl and his minions. It is defined as an energy created by God and contained within certain living or non-living objects in the world. It’s a holy power and only those who have been chosen by God can wield this power.

There are 109 parts of Innocence scattered all around the world. A number of the Innocence pieces have already been recovered, and some also exist in the weapons of the Exorcists. Innocence pieces recovered by the Order which have yet to meet their Conformers are protected by Hevlaska in a special Hall.


Activation of the anti-akuma weapon. An Exorcist must be able to invoke his or her Innocence in order to use the powers of the weapon.


The Noah Family consists of 13 human descendants of Noah who have inherited his genes (originally there were 14). A Noah can be identified by a gray skin tone, gold eyes, and a horizontal line of seven cross-shaped stigmata referred to as holy marks. They base their powers off dark matter, the opposite of Innocence. “Carved" on their genes is a memory of Noah different from any member in their generation and possess a supernatural ability. They are said to be immortal, but Yu Kanda killed one of them, Skin Bolic. However, the Noah are able to reincarnate back to the world in a different body.

Synchro rate

The degree of synchronisation, usually measured as a percentage, refers to the syncronicity between an Exorcist (or a Conformer) and his or her Innocence. Parasite type Innocence can achieve a higher degree of synchronisation. Synchronicity can also be improved with training, but there is a limit depending on the individual.

Togaochi (the Fallen)

People whose synchro rate with the Innocence is below 0%. They are non-Conformers, but forced to become Exorcists. Exorcists (or Conformers) who betray their Innocence, deal with the enemy, or in any way betray the mission of God (and in this case, the Black Order), will also suffer The Fallen. The final form of The Fallen is a giant akuma-like monster that weilds a great destructive power, although its primary objective is to execute the Exorcist (it takes about 24 hours). It is an irreversible state, and the Fallen can never be saved.

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