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Oh look! Esprit here is Raison d'Etre's separate media collective, aimed to satisfy your Allen/Lenalee needs. You will find various goodies related to Allen and Lenalee, especially if you ship them. With a little personal touch, I try to make this media section a little different from others' media collections—I haven't decided whether or not I will add a Gallery (as in official artworks) section or not, by the way—but hopefully you find whatever we have here memorable enough! Esprit is last updated on Oct 31th, 2010.

terms of use.

  1. This place is to share Allen/Lenalee stuffs to the fans. You are free to send in your own creations to this space! Worry not, for credits will be given.
  2. Do not claim what isn't yours. I give credits to those who donate their fanworks here, too. Every piece of work displayed here is made with love and effort and time, so please give the donors some credit.
  3. Please do not direct link, except for the files hosted on Mediafire.
  4. If you are going to take something from this site, either credit the original author/artist or this shrine. Both are very recommended!

That is all! Any questions, suggestions, or donations should be directed my way: sugariespice at And without further ado, enjoy~!

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