Well, Allen/Lenalee doujinshis are hard to find compared to any other pairings in D.Gray-man. When you search for D.Gray-man doujinshi in eBay or JPQueen, it's usually Allen/Kanda or other yaoi ones which come up. Here, I'd like to share some.downloads or information regarding Allen/Lenalee fancomics I've collected... or the only ones I only have information of.

princess butterfly

Actually, this is not an Allen/Lenalee doujinshi. It is a Lenalee-centric anthology which consists of some short fanfiction and doujinshis by various artists with various genres. It features other pairings like Lavi/Lenalee, Kanda/Lenalee and Komui/Lenalee, however as I skimmed through the pages I saw that most of this anthology contains of Allen/Lenalee stories. ♥ The genres range from fluff, comedy to romance, and I believe it is rated PG-13.

This doujinshi was originally shared by Lala at D.Gray-man community.



A doujinshi drawn by my friend Miychi. It is really short, cute, and sweet. No previews provided because all you need to do is download it! :D


valentine's day

This one is a doujinshi drawn by my friend Snakey. She never gets to finish it, but her art style is very neat and it's still worth a read! :) And yes, I wish she would finish it, too.


other doujinshis

Well... the following doujinshis are rated R-18, so I'd rather not upload them here. I will only give you a brief information on these. If you're interested in purchasing any of them, just type the title and search for it in eBay stores, JPQueen, etc.

Pink Prisoner

Circle: Ylang-ylang
Language: Japanese
Pages: 24

This looks like Lenalee is trying to comfort Allen... or the other way around, I'm not sure. It has pretty artwork, though.

Remember Sweet

Circle: Ylang-ylang
Language: Japanese
Pages: 28

This one's not really Allen/Lenalee. It's more of Lavi/Lenalee/Allen or any way you put it. Lavi found out about Lenalee and Allen's secret relationship, and he had Lenalee do something for him... together with Allen.