In a world filled with female online-readers, I knew that Allen/Lenalee is not everyone's biggest favourite.

However, I have always liked Allen and Lenalee from the very beginning of my D.Gray-man reading, and I realize that my love for them is irreplaceable when we talk about my #1 One True Pairing in the animanga world. Everything started simply with my bad habit of pairing up the lead male protagonist and the lead female protagonist (okay, Lenalee has the biggest portion in the story compared to any other female characters) of a series, then it will remain to be my favourite pairing (just a favourite in a series) until the series finally ends, or until I find a better favourite. But then, as I read the manga further, the characters' development as well as their interactions had really grown on me. And so I started to look for their stuffs—fanfic, fanart, images, doujinshi, and even began to actually make my own. I am a fanartist, so drawing fanart is probably not something new for me, but I've never made a doujinshi before. However, this time I actually planned and sketched a doujinshi for Allen/Lenalee (I admit I've never get to finish it, but hey, there was a process.). I don't do fanfiction either, but hey, I wrote some for this pairing; but I did not for any other pairings in ANY fandoms. Allen/Lenalee is just... very special to me. My adoration did not loosen up ever once even when I began to notice that Road, Lavi, or Kanda might bear some special feelings towards either Allen or Lenalee.

Regarding the site... Well, I have come across various relationship tributes which completely enthralled me. Take, for example, Airi's Chemical React, Ivy's Even in Distance, or Sarah's Unbreakable. I am amazed by how they could do so much for their beloved subjects. As for my beloved pairing, I have always loved them not only as a coupling, but also as individuals. However, I often see people bashing Lenalee and underappreciating Allen/Lenalee because of ridiculous reasons like "omgthey'retoocanon" or "Allen belongs to Kanda! Leave them alone plzkthx >(" and I found myself not. amused. It's not like D.Gray-man is a Boys' Love manga, so why putting it that way?

So, I think I should make a dedication to these two, to state my opinions and fangirlism adorations for them. In fact, I haven't seen any shrines dedicated to other D.Gray-man pairings. There were only fanlistings. In all honesty, I do hope there will be more Allen/Lenalee fans after they visit my shrine, but maybe it is a little too dreamy—to affect someone's thoughts or preference. So I think RDE's goal for the mean time, is to be a medium where I can place my thoughts about Allen/Lenalee—to let people know that this pairing can has a fan who's crazy enough to spend her time on them; and to let people know that they worth it. :D

In the future, I really hope this site can be a good resources site for Allen/Lenalee fans, especially for fanworks like fanarts, wallpapers, and such—even to the trivial thing like cellphone theme (yes, I really made one). That's why, if you're also a fan, your fanworks or scans donation would be much appreciated! :)