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SKYDANCER; a tribute to Lenalee Lee

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This layout.

You're currently viewing the third (?) layout of this site. I actually had another layout designed + almost full coded back in 2014 or even earlier, to match the layout on Allen's website. But I had to lose my older laptop because it couldn't meet my needs and I thought I got all my offline data backed up, which, apparently, I didn’t. So I had to design from scratch and the layout ended up turning really different from the one I had made earlier. It’s simple and there's a slight resemblance with my Allen shrine, but I’m quite happy with it.

The layout is best viewed in Safari browser because the rollover transition for subsection links works beautifully, while in Chrome the transition doesn’t appear as expected. Fonts used are Cutive Mono, Lora, and Alegreya Sans, all provided by Google Fonts.

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