Cellphone themes.

Surprise, surprise! I bet no one saw this coming :P Anyone? Well I don't really see any sites providing cellphone themes... but due to my obsession of these two, I decided to make my own cellphone theme! There's only one at the very moment, but I'll eventually add more... XD Also, please DO NOT upload this to mobile download sites and claim it as your own. >___> If you care to spread this theme, please at least provide a link to either this site or Licious.ORG. I put quite an effort making this. Thank you kindly.

Guardian Angel

Type: Sony Ericsson
Resolution: 176 x 220
Applicable series: list
Screenshots: menu/ shortcuts/ input

Made after the second skin of this site. The textures came from gender and HG, just like the layout itself :)


I doubt I'll remake other versions / resolutions for this theme, so if you're interested in more themes, please leave me a note of what screen resolution you're using on your mobile. :)